“I love to read. I care about the way sentences flow on a page; I care about choosing just the right word to fit the phrase.” After a second’s hesitation, I included this statement in a cover letter for one of the first positions I applied for out of college.

I got the job, and I’m convinced part of the reason was that the hiring manager knew she was getting a writer with heart. That’s what you get with me: a writer who cares about your message and is dedicated to polishing your words to a shine.

Throughout my career – as an assistant editor for a healthcare risk management publication, a senior healthcare writer, a communications specialist, and a senior advertising copywriter – I’ve stayed true to this statement, and I’ve learned that no matter what you’re writing (or editing), you’ve gotta have heart. You have to care how your finished piece will sound, whether it’s a one-line web ad or a 10,000-word article on the importance of hand hygiene for hospital workers.

Your words are crucial; they represent you. I’ve learned that writing with heart wins you the business. I’d love to help you do that.

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